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Common Questions and Answers 

Q:        How much medical marijuana can I purchase?
A:        The maximum amount a patient may purchase is 2.5 ounces every 15 days.  There is no minimum. 

Q:        Do I have to wait for my plants to grow before I can get medicine?
A:        No; we work as a collective so medicine will be available to you as soon as we have received your paperwork. 

Q:        Can I still grow my own medical marijuana plants?
A:        No; only 6 plants may be grown for each patient and in only one location.  If you wish to grow your own we offer instruction but will need to destroy or harvest the plants we are growing for you before you start any plants on your own. 

Q:        How many strains of medicine do you offer?
A:        We offer 24 different varieties from the top breeders in the industry.  We usually have about 5 strains available at any given time but hope to increase our availability as our patient base increases.  

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