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About Us

My name is Fred Kessler and I am a legal medical marijuana patient in the state of Maine who suffers from Chron's disease.  I use medical marijuana to control nausea, vomiting and GI muscle spasms.  I am reminded on a daily basis that medical marijuana affords me a quality of life I thought I would never have again.  I am a dedicated grower with a diversified background who's goal is to share the benefits of this amazing herb and help people ease their suffering and improve their quality of life.

With the love of my wonderful wife, clean Maine living, and the benefits of medical marijuana I am happy to say I have kept my Chron's from progressing.  I am currently in remission which gives me a stregnth and happiness I can not describe in words; even with a bachelor's degree in English Literature and a mouth that runs at both ends.  With the excellent care I receive from my doctors and the proper prescription medications to control my diseases I have beaten the statistics and remain a productive member of society as opposed to a ward of the state as I was told I would be by 2005.

I am passionate about medical marijuana being a part of a comprehensive health plan for qualified patients.  I am dedicated to helping Maine medical marijuana patients recieve access to affordable, safe, and effective medicine.  My focus is to help others improve their quality of life in the way medical marijuana has helped me improve mine. 

Our Goals
  • To provide the best quality medical marijuana products available today.
  • To aid our patients in fully understanding the use and effects of medical marijuana.
  • To  increase awareness about the benefits of medical marijuana.

Our organization was formed to provide the highest quality medical marijuana to registered Maine patients.  Our medicine is grown with high quality hydroponic fertilizers in a clean soilless mix.  We are hydroponic growers because we feel it gives us the most exact control over what goes into growing our medicine.  Our caregivers grow in clean, safe facilities which enables us to use biological controls for pests and affords us excellent control for disease issues should we have any.  With years of experience in wholesale herb growing we pride ourselves on providing clean healthy plants of the highest quality.  The genetics we use are from the most established growers in the industry and provide the highest levels of THC and CBD.

All the caregivers in our network are patients.  We have first hand experience with ailments such as Chron's Disease. Multiple Scherosis, Intractable Pain, and more.